Wholesale Black Soap Paste 8oz

Wholesale Black Soap Paste 8oz

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This natural black soap is hand-crafted in West Africa using centuries-old techniques. Made with palm oil, palm kernel oil and plantain leaves, this soap is famous for relieving the effects of acne and removing blemishes. It is also an effective hair shampoo, preventing dry, itching scalp and dandruff.

Directions: Gently rub a large pinch of soap in your hands to create a lather. Rub the lather or soap on all areas of your face, and rinse. The Black Soap paste is powerful. Use carefully with sensitive or dry skin.

  • Wholesale pricing starts with 10 jars of the 8oz size
  • if you need more or less in quantity please feel free to email me
  • you can choose to have it labeled or unlabeled for reselling